Sunday, May 26, 2013

Just the two of us.

Last month Bryce and I took our first vacation by ourselves since LJ was born. We were both super nervous to leave him at first since we would be gone for two nights, but we knew deep down he would be fine and have a blast at both of our parents houses! We went to Catalina for two nights and two days and we had an amazing time! It was so good to get away just the two of us and fall in love all over again. When you have a kid, so much time is poured into them and sometimes you forget to pour into your spouse and that is your most important relationship of all! To me, unless you and your spouse are on the same page and working together, its really hard to be an effective parent. Parenting and marriage is teamwork! Those of you who are married with babies know how you begin to miss your spouse when its not just the two of you anymore. LJ brings us so much more joy than we would ever have without him, but it was so nice for Bryce and I to have a romantic getaway to remember why we are crazy in love!
All smiles when we got to our awesome villa in Hamilton Cove!


Hanging out on our balcony!

Isn't he so handsome!

Drinking beer and playing golf haha! 

We went snorkeling while in Catalina. I was super nervous because I had never been, but I ended up having a great time!

The weather was perfect during our stay!

He hates when I take a billion pictures lol

It was such a beautiful day!

Love him so much!

Being my hippie self:)
A few of the villas we stayed in from the beach!
Pretending to be a model 
Another view from our room
I loved this little building, didn't realize you couldn't see out unless you jumped lol!

Our room came with a golf cart to cruise Avalon in, so fun!
Last night in Catalina with my love
Awesome dinner and lots of laughing and holding hands:)
So thankful for my guy and so in love:)

As you can see Catalina was a blast! We had so much fun and will definitely be going back there one day! I am so thankful for Bryce. I honestly don't know where I would be without him. He is my best friend, my soul mate, my encourager, my lover, my EVERYTHING! He understands me in ways I don't and I'd admire him so much. He deals with my craziness and loves me at my worst. I knew he was the one when I was 17 years old and a senior in high school. People thought we were crazy for getting married young but I am pretty dang proud of the life we have built together. I hope that everyone can experience a love like we do. I can't imagine life without him and will love him everyday for the rest of my life! I love you Bryce and thank you for making me the happiest girl in the world. You are an amazing husband and father and I can't wait to see our love story get better and better!
XO, Kay

Ps. This amazing vacation wouldn't have been possible without Bryce's lovely aunt and uncle who got this for us as a graduation gift for Bryce!Thank you again Aunt Linda and Uncle Chuck! We love you tons!!!

Saturday, May 11, 2013


Last month we went on a cruise with family. SO MUCH FUN! Bryce's dad got us a cruise to Mexico for Christmas along with the rest of Bryce's family. So very thankful for family and the precious memories that were made that week! Being on a cruise with a toddler was interesting to say the least because everything was so new and exciting to him but he had an absolute blast and I can't wait to go on another cruise! Cruises are a pretty affordable and a great way to make some fun memories! Here are some photos of our trip!

In our room

On the boat to Catalina with Auntie!

He LOVED the boat:)

Me and my sweetie

Nana and Ted

Bryce and his dad!

We rented a golf cart to cruise around Catalina...needless to say LJ loved the ride!

Crazy boy!

Best buds:)


He loves his Papa

Add caption

Me and my boys on the day at sea!

Me, Haley, and Lauren


Father-son love:)

My little rockstar!
So excited for summer! Have a good day:)

Sunday, April 14, 2013

My baby is 19 months!

Holy cow the time sure flies when life is good! and that is exactly how it has been, Bryce went back to work and his foot is feeling great! LJ is growing so dang fast and is seriously so dang cute! He wears me out but we sure have fun! I am feeling so good right now. I feel like all my relationships with everyone in my life are in a very good place, and I am just thankful for all the good in life. A few months back I was in not so good of a place. Life was stressful, I was sad many days, but today I am SO good, and I am SO grateful for God's incredible grace. I am thankful for the fact that even when I am a brat I have a husband who encourages and uplifts. I am thankful for a little boy who gives me strength to carry on and who makes me smile. I am thankful for family. And lastly, I am thankful for friendships that seem to appear out of nowhere but you realize it was God's perfect timing!

So, I haven't done an update on LJ in forever! Now that he is a toddler, I feel like I go, go, go all day so I don't get much down time! But here is what's going on lately with my little man:)
-  He is eating like a piggy lately lol! I'm pretty sure he's growing, because he is eating SO good! Makes a worry free momma:)
- He loves cars, trucks, trains, Toy Story, Thomas the Train, and animals. He is learning all the animal sounds and had a blast when we took him to the Wild Animal Park last week!
- He is very independent and loves being adventurous. He is pretty brave and is learning to push mommy and daddy's buttons lol! This can be tiring some days but I love that he is a free spirit and full of life!(just like mom)
- He loves to be outside and explore! We go for lots of walks and to the park and color with chalk outside. He recently started a Sportball class and absolutely loves it!
- He is talking so much lately! He says: momma, dad, ball, Buzz, car, truck, choo-choo, dog, kitty, owlie (his stuffed owl), bear, snack, more, drink, cracker, bobo (uncleB), sessy (auntie chelsie), papa, auntie (auntie hay), go, side (outside), catch, jump, hello, bye, and a handufl of others that I can;t remember right now! It's so weird to him him talk sometimes but it's so dang cute. He gets really frusturated when I don't understand what he is trying to say but I've been telling him to show me and that helps:)
- He can throw, kick and shoot a ball!
-He loves sports just like his daddy:)
- He loves to read and even tries to read by himself(so cute).
- He can run really fast and tries to jump off the coffee table (insert scared face)
- He is a momm'a boy and loves to cuddle and give kisses.
SO, that's about everything that I can think of my boy is doing right now! He is like a sponge and learning so much lately it's so cool to watch him grow! I am so glad I get to watch him grow up!
Mr. Handsome

 Giving me his cheesy smile

 Pretty much sums up his personality!
 Family day at the Wild Animal Park!
 He had just saw a giraffe!
 He won the race!
 Absolutely love this candid shot of us:)
 Lj and "bobo"
 Easter with Auntie and Mimi
 Love this shot of me and my boys!
Easter 2013!
 Being silly in the kitchen!
Reading all by himself lol!
Life is so dang good, I am so blessed. I have the coolest kid ever! ( okay I'm a little biased but what parent isn't lol). Thanks for reading!
XO, Kay